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Find out why VanwaNet is the #1 DDoS protection solution on the market.

Bullet Proof DDoS Mitigation

With over 1.5Tb/s of DDoS mitigation and advanced application layer mitigation system there truly is no attack that can bring your site down. We offer a 100% SLA for all of our services and will reimburse you upon request for any downtime.

Content Delivery Network

VanwaNet cares about more than just keeping your website online and protected from DDoS attacks. We make sure it loads fast as well. With capacity in over 200 regions we ensure fast load times no matter where your servers or visitors are located.

Deep Web Technologies

Ever heard of Tor and the deep web? It's becoming more widely known and utilized by internet consumers. Ensuring that your website can be accessed by an increasingly large sector of the market is key. VanwaNet gives you the option to place your website onto the deep web with it's own onion URL.

Easy Integration

VanwaNet easily layers over your existing hosting setup. Giving you all of the benefits of VanwaNet's DDoS protection and enhancements, with no downsides or infrastructure changes. Think of it as a remotely powered shield for your website.

Pricing you can't beat!

Website CDN

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$ 10/mo

Next-Gen Protocols
HTTP/3 Support
TLS 1.3 Support
Bulletproof Security
1.5Tb/s+ DDoS Protection
L7 Bot Mitigation WAF
Free SSL Certificate

No Limits
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Websites
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VanwaNet Explained

How does it work?

Simple concept, advanced implementation.

The internet is a wild place. It's full of legitimate users, but also a lot of threats and attackers. VanwaNet works by removing your origin server from the public internet and keeping it hidden and private. Effectively securing it from all forms of online attacks. Users will then access your application or website by coming through VanwaNet's secure global infrastructure of servers and scrubbing centers. We filter out all of the bad stuff and send only clean traffic back to your origin server. No changes or coding is necessary to take advantage of VanwaNet's protection. It simply layers over what you already have making cyber security easy, affordable, and effective.