The Reality

It is impossible to operate effectively, and sometimes at all, on the internet without leveraging emerging technologies such as CDN, DDoS Mitigation, and more. Unfortunately, the industry has become quite top heavy with only a few companies offering these types of solutions. This has created an environment where customers are often being charged far more than what they should be, and additionally are at a constant risk of being thrown under the bus at their whim for something as insignificant as political views.

Our Solution

VanwaNet offers all of the features, functionality, and more of the large network providers at a price point far below and with a proven commitment to values. Leverage our unmatched ability to innovate rapidly, and allow you to focus on distinguishing your business where it counts. Get superior service, and do so without feeding the hand that will bite you. Invest into your allies, invest into your self; go with VanwaNet and ensure that you stay online.

Key Features

Objectively Unmatched

The best solution on the market, no matter what your needs are.

High Performance

Our massive relationship of vendors and server providers allows us to deploy a CDN with POPs in over two hundred countries and territories. You won't find something like this anywhere else.

Bulletproof Security

With over a decade of experience in the CDN, VPN, and DDoS mitigation space - not one time have our systems ever been hacked. We don't say this to brag. We say it, because we care about security.

Uncensorable Delivery

Is your content entirely legal, but for political or social reasons is unable to find a stable platform? We have battle tested solutions that are guaranteed to bypass oppresive censorship.

Maximum Affordability

Get access to our technologies and networks for as little as $8/Mo. Seriously, there's no reason why you shouldn't be using VanwaNet.

Proven Values

It's easy to say you have values. But VanwaNet is the only company that has proven to actually have them no matter the pressure or cost.

Next Gen Systems

Want to make your website available on the networks of the future? We make that happen in just a few clicks.

Free Speech

Truly Uncensorable

As long as your content is legal, we have multiple efffective solutions for ensuring that your website will never be taken down from the internet. Additionally we have solutions that allow your users to bypass geographically based censorship.


Top Code

On-The-Fly Optimization

Have a website that looks the way you want, but doesn't load the way it should? Don't worry about that. Our advanced systems will re-write the code of your website on the fly; removing any ineffeciencies in addition to adding real time optimizations to how it functions.



DDoS Mitigation

DDoS attacks are a common form of protest nowadays, with just about every website receiving multiple attacks per day. The only way to stop DDoS attacks is being making sure they can't get to your website in the first place. VanwaNet will automatically detect, filter, and block DDoS traffic of all forms before it even touches your servers.

VanwaNet Explained

How does it work?

Simple concept, advanced implementation.

The internet is a wild place. It's full of legitimate users, but also a lot of threats and attackers. VanwaNet works by removing your origin server from the public internet and keeping it hidden and private. Effectively securing it from all forms of online attacks. Users will then access your application or website by coming through VanwaNet's secure global infrastructure of servers and scrubbing centers. We filter out all of the bad stuff and send only clean traffic back to your origin server. No changes or coding is necessary to take advantage of VanwaNet's protection. It simply layers over what you already have making getting secured easy, affordable, and effective.