Full Control

Unrivaled Content Delivery Network

Unmatched Infrastructure

Here at VanwaTech we think big picture. We don't try to build datacenters, we leverage the thousands of high capacity data centers all over the world through our fantastic vendor relationships. This allows us to give you global content delivery performance that can exceed even the largest CDN companies.

  • AnyCast Routing
  • Over 200 Countries and Territories
  • Custom POP Configuration
  • Only Pay For What You Use

Bulletproof Cyber Security

Constantly evolving cyber security threats have you down? Let VanwaTech turn the lights back on. With over a decade of experience dealing with some of the most advanced hacking groups VanwaTech has not experienced a single compromise of our systems.

  • L4 and L7 DDoS Mitigation
  • Real Time Bot Detection
  • Geographic Firewalling
  • End-To-End Encryption

Solutions For All Scales

Whether you are a massive reseller of technology solutions, a huge website with millions of visitors, or just running a personal blog, VanwaNet has solutions and a price that will work for you. We own our own technology, and we operate directly with our network vendors to provide you with the lowest cost service.

  • Large Websites
  • Commercial Resellers
  • Enterprise Organizations
  • Personal Websites

Commitment to Values

VanwaNet has a proven commitment to the fundamental human rights of free speech and privacy. We will serve any customer in accordance with US law. We do not trade values for approval under social pressure. Don't gamble with your online operation. Go with the company that has values.

  • Absolute Free Speech
  • Zero Data Tracking
  • Zero Data Sharing
  • Over a Decade of Proof

High Performance Delivery

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Advanced DDoS Mitigation

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Next Gen Transmission

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Have your cake and eat it too.

"The internet is ever-changing and with these changes comes incredible innovation and technologies, but also additional risks regarding cyber security and the emergence of new attack vectors. Companies of today are increasingly leveraging the global infrastructure that the internet has to offer to stay competetive, but often fail to adequetly protect themselves and especially their customers from these attacks which can cripple your business. In this evolving world VanwaNet distinguishes itself by allowing you to have your cake and it eat it too; Leverage the benefits of emerging technologies such as anycast, global content delivery, onion routing, and website optimizations while also solving for and preventing cyber security concerns and new forms of attacks. VanwaNet offers the entire package, built on values, at a price for everyone. Contact us for a free consultation to find out how we can turbocharge your online resources and save you money."

Nicholas Lim, CEO

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